Monday, November 12, 2012

Reagan's 1st Birthday

I am one lucky Grandma!! I have the cutest, smartest and sweetest grandchildren in the whole world!

I was able to be with my Sweet Baby Reagan for her 1st Birthday. 
Several months ago Skye asked Darryl and I if we could come to visit them for Reagan's Birthday because she wanted to celebrate her birthday at the Steeplechases. Then in October Skye had to have surgery, and was in the hospital for several days, so the horse race idea was not an option. Not to be deterred, Shiloh and I came up with a brilliant plan.

 We decided to have a "My Pretty 'Racing' Pony" party for Miss Reagan. We decorated up the kitchen...

 And Crowned the Littlest Princess of the race weekend -

 And everyone got ready to race and party.

 Ryan was on Micah babysitting duty for a few minutes.

 The Queen and the birthday princess hold court...

The Royal Steeplechase Pretty Pony Cake.

Reagan is quick. She had  her hands in that cake so fast! 

We sang happy birthday and gave the birthday girl a piece of cake while the rest of us prepared for the races. Everyone had to draw a horses head/face on a brown paper bag. We put them on Dowel rods and then it was Da-da-da - DAT DA DA! (Think trumpets blaring)...
And They'e off!

Cody, Jonas, Adrianna and Preston race over the obstacles!

She was not impressed with that preliminary heat.... 

Time for the next round...Emily, Lydia, Adam and Maggie wait at the starting gate -

And they're off........again!
And now... a word from our birthday girl....

Reagan: "I don't know what those silly people are doing running and jumping over things while dragging sticks. Don't they know there is cake to eat? Silly grown ups". 

"Oops... did I just say that out loud? Uh.... I DON'T hate you!"
"Mommy and me Clapping and singing. This always makes Grandma think I am so smart and cute! "

 "Why is the cake gone?"

 And with that we ended our little party by eating all the pizza,
 ...most of the cake and delicious ice cream sundea cups at the party.

Cody: "These pony feet are heavenly."  Silly Cody... Don't eat the toy pony!

I am looking forward to next year! 

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