Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Running in the Fall!

On October 6th Cody and I ran in the Baton Rouge Zombie Bash 5k. Yes, we dressed up and looked very Zombie-ish. Cody finished 4th overall and 1st in his age group. I set a personal PR at 10:51 and was very pleased. And most importantly, I participated in the Thriller Street Dance. Darryl diligently took pictures and recorded the dance, but unfortunately I accidentley deleted it, which makes me sad because in one of the Zombie pics I looked really thin. *sigh*.
Our next adventure in running was on
October 20th
Where we discovered.....

It was the "Color Me Rad" Run where they throw color Bombs at you while you run the 5k..

 Spray you with wet color sometimes and at the end have a HUGE color bomb explosion! Shiloh, Emily, Adrianna, Lydia, Cody and I had a blast at this run. It wasn't timed and it was for Charity, so it was a fun event to participate in. 

November 9th-10th
193.6 miles
Ragnar Relay Las Vegas!!
Our team was the Parole Models from the Ragnar Dept. Of Corrections. 
I will say we had one of the coolest looking rides thanks to Cami!
 The Cajun Queen, The Gardner, Squirrel, Brenda the Jeweler, Punky Runster were a few of our names on our "Mug Shots".

Cali and I were with Jacob, T-Bone, Joe and Pat the Turrets-a-saurus Rex.

This was waiting for Jake to come in at my last exchange.

Cali and Cody Waiting for me to finish.

Siblings that run together have fun together.... Most of the time! Hahaha!
Cali, Cody and Cami.

Jake and Cami

Here comes grandma!

Getting the slap bracelet ready to pass off.

Cami's friends Yolanda and Meagan were a lot of fun to have on our team.

Reason #1 of why I run.... to spend time with the kids.

The Parole Models at the finish line. We finished 73 overall out of 572 teams in 29+ hours. Because we only had 5 women we were listed as a "Mens Team" I think we finished pretty high in the men's catagory. Like 13th or something .
Over all it was a very enjoyable weekend and I can't wait to do it again!!

BTW - Our team pace was an average of 8:55 min. Miles. My personal average was 11:07 I think.


chirila-sabin-mihai said...
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Jacob and Cami said...

Cali's tights tricked me on the photo of you, me, her, and Cody. Her legs looked wonky.