Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Mermaids of Norfolk and Beach Fun

On Saturday, Sept. 22, after our visit to Shiloh and Micah in the hospital, Jason and the kids took Grandma Cindy on a tour of Norfolk to see the sights and the Mermaids, the city Mascot.

 Different Artists decorated the Mermaids and they are beautiful, the first one they showed me was in the park,

 Then it was off to the Chinese Garden,

 Where we took time for a snack

 And found another mermaid.....
 And the U.S. Battleship Wisconsin.

 And an Azalea mermaid.
 The Norfolk Shipyard.

 Then it was time for lunch at the mall.

 One last mermaid and then the
 last stop before we caught the "Tide" home.
 The Douglas MacArthur Memorial.

After Church on Sunday the kids and I  went out to take pictures.
Pretty Lydia being very serious and Maggie trying to look serious.

 My Cute little Maggie and Handsome Adam.

 A toothless happy Preston and a very grown up Jonas.

 Then we walked to the beach to have some fun without getting in the water.
 Emily is so grown up!

 And Adrianna is so cute and fun!

It was a pleasant Sunday and a great way to spend it with my Grandchildren. 
Stay tuned for more posts to come.

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