Monday, April 22, 2013

Cody on the Run!

Saturday was the Menan Butte Trail Challenge where they host 3 races on the north butte, a 25k, 12k and 5k. Cody signed up for the 12k race thinking that he should probably train before running a 25k. It was 35 degrees and very foggy Saturday morning when they started. Cody started toward the back then moved up to stay at the front the whole time and was even in the lead for several miles... until he got leg cramps going up the service road.

Coming off the desert Cody is in the lead.

Heading up the butte trail. I think it is a 600ft. climb that is pretty steep.

 At the finish line coming in 3rd place!

Quick - a little CPR! Next time you should train a little buddy!

Every runner received this cool participation medal which we will have to put on a ribbon for him I guess.

Instead of a 2nd medal for placing they handed out these cool trail signs. 
Congratulations on a great run kiddo! 
In other Cody news -
 Even though he is finished with this semester of college he still has to go to school every morning. He is a volunteer at Burton Elementary school in the mornings for a 2nd grade class. The school loved him so much they hired him to be a lunch time playground monitor and to help in the Handicapped/ Special needs classes.

He absolutely loves working at the school. After School it is off to Dome to make stickers.

 These last two pictures are for his sisters. He calls this look "Jazzy Funk".... or Junk. Maybe it's just "Fazzy" Whatever it is... that's our Cody.


Jacob and Cami said...

Looking good bro! And great job on the run.

Kelly and Jesse said...

Awesome job on the run! I am going with Fazzy it fits him.

jaxson corey said...

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