Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Car, Kicking Cody Out... And Other Happenings!

Skye and Reagan left on March 15th to visit Hillary in Springville and then Ryan flew out so they could drive home. Before they left we went to the ward swimming party at Green Canyon and took Little Miss Tyree with us. These girls loved to swim!


Darryl and Skye

"Look Grandma, no floaties!"

Tyree getting a ride from her water horse. 

Giddy-up Grandpa!

Last week I recovered some chairs and am trying to find time Re-upholster the antique chair in our bedroom and my vanity bench.


I forgot to take a before picture of these two chairs. 

I am expecting a big delivery on Monday and the only room it will fit in is Cody's bedroom, so I kicked him out, cleaned it out and cleaned the carpets for the new arrival!
I will take a picture of it on Monday .... I am soo excited!!

Cody was okay about the move.... until it happened. Now he has a lot of sorting, organizing and upacking to do. Oh Well, it will be good for him. 

And finally..... I got a "New to me" car! Darryl bought me a 2004 Buick Le Sabre and I love it. It is so comfortable to drive and gets great gas mileage!

In other family news, Darryl is currently in Kaposvar, Hungary so Cody and I are holding down the fort here at home for the next week or so. We went to Hillary's and Jake's over Easter weekend for little Gabriel's baby blessing. I forgot my camera so hopefully my daughters will be putting pictures on their blogs of the events that I can steal. It was a lot of fun with Cali & Travis, Cami and Jacob, Jesse and Kelly with all their children and Darryl, Cody and I. Until next time....

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Love the swim pictures with the babies!