Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just a Little Birthday Trek

April is a wonderful month with many special days - Aprils Fools Day, Tax Day and several family Birthdays. This year my brother John turned 60 and my sisters and I decided to travel to Independence to surprise him. What a wonderful time we had and it was the first time in 3 years that the five of us were together. 

4-12-13 Friday Night Pizza Party with the whole family!

Never fear.... your sisters are here.
L-R: Patty, Cindy, Birthday Boy, Sandy and Michelle.

John, Nancy and their adorable grandchildren.

John and his children and their spouses. John Wayne, Brandy, Hannah and Aaron.

Johnny and his kiddos.

Time for Cake and after the cake a special presentation. Michelle, Patty, Sandy and I put on a little show..
This is Your Life John Wayne Eppert III

4-13-13 Saturday included sight seeing, delicious dinner and then fun at John and Nancy's.
 FYI - John and Nancy are wonderful tour guides and can really fill you in on the history of the Independence / Kansas City area.
The Lewis & Clark statue.

They camped on the point across the river... Lewis and Clark, not Johnny and Nancy .... right there...
Yep, that's the spot.

The food was wonderful at the Cafe' Verona on the Independence Square.

Trying to figure out something on the IPad.

I think Patty is in disbelief at what she sees!

I love my family! Best siblings in the world! 

I guess that picture is pretty funny!!

This birthday trip was supposed to be a quick one. Leaving on Thursday, arrive on Friday, party Friday & Saturday, Leave Sunday to return to Idaho on Monday. Instead we found out my Stepmother was in the hospital on Friday so on Sunday I drove over to Terre Haute to see Louise. I also visited my Aunts and Uncles, Nancy, Bob, Peggy and Ronnie, spent the night at Michelle & Kevin's, dropped in on Patty Tuesday morning then left for Texas as the snow storms in the Rocky Mtn's was closing down the interstates. Tuesday night was spent with Sandy and David in Texas, Wednesday night with Cami and Jacob in Gallup, NM, Thursday night with Hillary and baby Gabriel in Springville, UT and I finally arrived home at 7:00pm. on Friday. 
I had planned on traveling around 2383 miles in 5 days and ended up driving 4071.2 miles in 8 days. It was a fast but wonderful journey! I love being with my family!

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