Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Sunday Walk - June 8th.

A couple of Sundays ago Darryl and I went for a very pleasant walk around the city of Ordos. We found a beautiful frieze beside the road near the government building celebrating the traditional Mongolian lifestyle.
(Please click on the pictures so they will enlarge and you can see the detail in the carvings and art work)

This was the day we visited the "Vision Park" that I wrote about in my last post. After the park we wandered on over to the Ordos Museum. I think I mentioned before that the building was designed to look like a rock, but I wasn't prepared for the way it looked on the inside. Amazing! Six stories tall and all but one exhibit was dedicated to the history of the area and the Mongolia Culture. Darryl and I were fascinated!

The frieze below shows 20 cattle pulling a huge yurt.

Traditional formal and wedding dress.

The young girl on my right spoke very good English and asked if she could have a photo with me. When her mother saw what was happening she came running over with her son to get in the picture. Believe it or not this happens quite frequently. Sometimes they follow us and try to sneak photos with their cell phones because Darryl and I are that unique in this part of the world. (Funny huh?) In the nearly 3 weeks we have been here we have seen only one other white person and he didn't speak English.

This mural depicts Genghis Khan meeting with his advisers inside his yurt.

I do not have any photos of the exhibit up on the 6th floor. It was dedicated to Mao and Communism. One sections was dedicated to communist leaders of the last 150 years. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Min, and Others. Darryl called it the wall of Shame that seemed to celebrate some of these men who were mass murderers.
 I think Darryl's favorite part of the museum was the carved Jade figures and fish bowls. The two fishbowls below are about 3 ft. across. The beautiful sculpture at the end is about 5 ft. tall.

I have many more photos to put up. I hope I am not boring you with all these photos and you're enjoying your little mini tour of this part of China. 


J E said...

Cindy thanks for the good photos. The kids find it fascinating too. Jed still wishes we could of gone there too. You are not boring us, keep the pictures and what you guy see and learn flowing!!

J E said...
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