Sunday, June 8, 2014

Parks of Ordos-Kangbashi

First, a little agriculture history. The area of Ordos, in Inner Mongolia, used to be grasslands with small clumps of forest area. In the past thousand years or so the nomadic people pretty much grazed the land in to desert. There is a great effort by the Chinese Government to reforest the land. As you fly over and drive through the area you can see where they have planted tens of thousands of acres with trees, shrubs and grass. In the City of Ordos-Kangbashi there are dozens of newly planted parks with many Bronze and marble statues hiding among of flora.

Here is an example of one small park by our apartments. (Small meaning several acres.)

They have small exercise stations in almost every park in town.

By the way, this footbridge is hand carved marble. 
And yes, I was singing 'Til There Was You' as I stood on it. ;-)

About a 1.5 miles from our apartment is this little gem of a park.

The sculpture below is called "The Eye of The World".

These are the eyes of the People of Ordos looking at "the World".

I have some great Video of the fountains and the first park, but they won't upload. Maybe I will get them to load on Facebook. 'Til next time......

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ryan lowry said...

I want to go to that park! Oh I want to come visit you so badly! Love the lizards!