Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ordos China's Central Plaza & Parks

Friday the 6th Darryl and I decided to walk the Central Plaza of Ordos to the river park. It was awe inspiring the amount and size of the Bronze Sculptures, hand carved marble works, etc. There are way too many photos to comment on each one but the first plaza, by the Government Building, is in homage to Ginghis Kahn, Then we have the different parks dedicated to the culture and the art of China and Mongolia. There are 5 or six plazas. One has a brand new, never opened shopping mall underneath it. The amount of Construction work in all of this is incredible. Enjoy the pictures! 
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The most famous of the bronze statues is the battling stallions. Can you see Darryl in the picture? 

They are massive!

Below, in order are the Performing arts center, The Museum of Ordos (It's supposed to look like a rock) and the Libary in the shape of leaning books.

Another view of the museum.

A new plaza looking toward the Wulan Mulun River.

The have literally dozens of friezes throughout this town depicting the historical Mongolian way of life.

The fourth Plaza was huge and underneath this plaza.....

....and the golden statues....

....and the silver statues...

... the raised platform...

..and the skylights...

is a huge empty mall. This is the entrance complete with hand carved marble balustrade on the right. 

The last plaza was traditional Chinese art.

When we reached the river we found nearly 100 bronze horses running wild. 

 Looking back 2 miles from where we started. The whole walk was full of surprises! 
That's it until Sunday's post. Enjoy your day! 


Greg L Hutchens said...

Wonderful photographs, Cindy Sue! Really trunks me out for China. Can't wait to get back there. So happy for the two of youse guyz. And the food! The FOOD! Drooled all over my keyboard. Love ya. Hutch

ryan lowry said...

So neat! Reagan would have a blast running with the stampede of bronze horses!

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

Love your posts Cindy ! What an experience that you are having!