Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bringing in the New Year 2015!!

New Years Eve was a BLAST!! Cali, Hillary, Cody, Alisa, Meghan, Ammon, Damian, Darryl and I along with 6 of our grandchildren rung in the New Year with Karaoke, games and lots of Crazy Hats!

Hillary regaling us with her Karoke Talents. (again!)

We kept our heads warm while we played games on New Years Eve!

Earlier in the day Grandma could be found playing in the snow with Hillary, Jesse and the grandkids! Gideon, Lily, Ransom, Parker, Gage, Tyree, Gabriel and Clancy. Oh the fun we had!

 We couldn't find a sled anywhere, but not to worry....

We came up with a great Idea! Right Gagey?

We pulled out Uncle Cody's snowboard, the kids piled on 3 at a time...

Parker watching the fun and waiting her turn...

And down the driveway they went!

Gabriel's first Sled/snowboard ride! He didn't want to get off. 

It was pretty slick at the bottom of the drive. 

The snow was pretty deep but that didn't stop these kids....

 Lily and Tyree were like little snow bunnies, they loved playing in the snow.

Sugar had fun chasing the sled and the kids.

Even Clancy bundled up and went out for a few minutes.

It was so cold that Gabriel came in first (against his will) and stood at the window wanting to go back out with the big kids. 

 It was a warm and wonderful winter time at home that I will always hold close in my heart.
Happy 2015 Everyone!

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Van-Go said...

Looks like a great way to ring in the new year! Loved the pictures. Good memories all. Loved the one with heads in a circle. And little Gabr