Saturday, February 7, 2015

Clancy is Our Little Blessing!

The snow was falling fast and rather deep the Sunday after Christmas, so the families of Jesse and Kelly gathered at Demont and Glenna Crystal's home for the blessing of sweet, happy Clancy! It was a wonderful time for our families. 
Clancy spending time with his favorite babysitter, Jessie and his Great-Grandpa Demont.

 Bishop Clark from the Menan 3rd Ward was there to preside for the occasion.

 Grandpa Demont giving Clancy some last minute instructions to smile! 

Bishop Blaine Ball, Grandpa Darryl holding Clancy, Grandpa Demont, Bishop Roger Clark and Uncle Jacob stood in for the blessing.

Out little cowboy is such a cutie, and looking at Great-Grandpa we see where he gets his smile!

 He is the sweetest little guy!!! And always happy and smiling! 

 The Crystal Clan gather for the blessing. (Minus Tyree who was busy playing with the kids)

The Cunningham Clan and Bishop Clark (sans the kiddos)

Jesse Kelly and the "Man of the Hour" our sweet, little Clancy. 
 What a special and blessed evening it was. 

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Cali and Travis said...

OH how I miss that smunchie little boy!!!!!