Saturday, November 5, 2016

Coming home from Chile - April Fun

Darryl and I arrived in Idaho Falls from Santiago, Chile on April 1st. We went straight to Cali's house where we realized we were locked out. 

Happy to see their Grandpa!

Tyree and Parker liked their new sweaters!

Since Darryl and I no longer have a home, we crashed with Cali and her kids in Idaho Falls.

Gideon and Parker learn what early morning scripture study is like with Grandpa as he uses finger puppets to illustrate the story.

We were blessed to attend the temple sealing of Dan and Margo South and family to their new baby daughter Kelani. 

We also had a late celebration for Gideon's 8th birthday. He was happy to wait until his Dad and Grandma and Grandpa were in town to Celebrate his birthday....

........and to go to his Baptism. We are all so proud of Gideon for making this decision!

His cousins were so excited to watch their cousin be baptized.
Gideon was baptized by his Grandfather Willard.

And we all loved being together for this happy occasion. Jesse and Clancy loved the nice weather too!

Although Tyree thought it was a little chilly!

On Sunday we all went to church together with Gideon, Cali and Parker. I love going to church with my grandchildren, and I think Miss Tyree loves it too!

Gideon had a science project due at the end of April. He taught his class about gasses and then inflated a balloon using vinegar, baking soda and a water bottle. 

Because I am gone so much I rarely get to enjoy or participate in school activities with my grandchildren, so this was a special treat!

On Saturday Morning of April 30th Darryl had to leave to go work on the Cahokia, IL project for Dome. The rest of us went to watch Cali run the Tulip Half Marathon at Thanksgiving point in Utah, and Gideon and Parker in the fun run. This was the first outing that Hillary and Jake went on since J's~ release from the hospital and we had quite a fun time. We tried to register G~ for kid's the race but they were sold out. No problem, he decided to run the race anyway and so his pregnant Mom 'ran' (I use that term generously) the 1 mile course with him. 

Here comes Parker. 

This girl loves to run and takes after her mom.

Hi Grandma! Watch me go fast!

Gideon is more like Grandma Cindy, he endures the run...

I was trying to figure out why he was running so far behind Parker and with a strange gait,

Then I realized he was only wearing 1 shoe. Silly Gideon! But he finished the race!

At this point my camera died and I didn't get any photos of Cali or Hillary & G crossing the finish line, but they did pose for me with their medals when we got home!
It was a beautiful and fun spring day and one the family thoroughly enjoyed!

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