Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Atlas Mountains

The Saturday Drive.
On Saturday May 3rd we went for a drive up in the Atlas Mountains. The road was very twisty, lots of hair pin turns, and no guard rails. It was very beautiful and cool. Literally. Here are some pictures of the mountians in Morocco. Below:
The picturesque town of Imi Irhzer
There are pictures from a few years ago of the beautiful waterfall beside the town of Imouzzer. But they have had no rain for over 3 years and so the cascade is nothing but a small trickle into a pool at the bottom. You can see the smooth rock where the water usually runs though. It is 45 Meters high. And people used to jump from it. The drive to the falls took us 2 1/2 hours and was beautiful.
Taking her grain either home or to the mill ........I guess.
In the mountains the construction leaves a lot to be desired. Just rocks and mud. This was the typical construction in 1960 in most of morocco. Now I can understand why an earthquake in 1960 destroyed almost every building in Agadir.
The Reservoir. Cody's filming and narration of the dam was hilarious! "Here is the dam bridge, and the dam fence" etc. Then when he went to watch it we heard..."oh no.... I forgot to push the record button on my dam video!" :-)

Just a tree in the Paradise Valley

There is a beautiful restaurant right behind those dose.
The edge of the road.... no guard rails.
See what I mean?
Have a great day!


Tiffany said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog today....you have a beautiful family!

Leisha said...

I'm not sure I could drive that road, seriously! It's so beautiful, but I remember driving up a similar road in Colorado and having a panic attack...I never knew I was that afraid until I did it!

You are brave. And...you take great pics!

Juen said...

What a wonderful experience you are having, getting to see all of these interesting places and things. The road reminds me of going to see the Indian ruins in Colorado. Up Up and around and around. Not much fun. Keep the pictures coming and keeping us informed.