Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Funny Lunch

A couple of weeks ago when I posted pictures of our trip to Essouaria, I mentioned that Darryl and Cody's lunches were, ......well, kind of funny. I thought I had better explain what I meant. We looked at the English menu and consulted our waiter about different menu items. Darryl and Cody's eyes were immediatley drawn to that most manly of meals. Hamburgers and French Fries. One entry caught their eye. The Rock Burger! A very filling double meat hamburger. Of course, being in a foreign country it is only right that you eat their traditional foods. Since they had never had a "Rock" Burger in the States, it must be a traditional food. Right?

We waited while they went out and killed whatever critter supplied the meat. (Okay.. we waited for a long, long, long...... you get the idea. And finally the famous Rock burger arrived. We were wondering why they felt the need to cut a chunk out of the bun and fill it with ketchup (a condiment that Darryl doesn't like and never eats) when Darryl lifted this "lid" off, there was the "Double" of his double meat. It was a tiny hamburger about the size of a silver dollar!
They both just stared in disbelief and I stifled my laughs enough to snap this picture before he ate it.


Corey said...


hehe ;)

Leisha said...

Oh good grief! That is too funny! Thank heavens for blogs, I am getting such a kick out of all your experiences there!

Kelly and Jesse said...

That's hilarious. I can just see dad and Cody's faces. I'm rolling with laughter.

Guffey Family said...

Jason would have had some great comments on that when we talked yesterday if I had only read this sooner. I'm crying-laughing!