Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Moroccan Tradition

Couscous Friday!

In Morocco it is a tradition to eat couscous on Friday. It is their Holy Day and this is really pretty easy to make....... if you have the right pot. It is basically a 7 vegetable beef stew that is boiled in a pot while the couscous is in a steamer over the top of the stew. And yes, it is served in a large community dish. Cody loves this kind of couscous having had it at Aziz's house last Friday. Joe was a little hesitant at first, but soon was digging in like the rest of us. My sweet maid taught me how to make this dish (Darryl was late for dinner because he was in a meeting).


Cali & Travis said...

I hate how tan Cody is getting. It makes me jealous.

Leisha said...

YUM! It looks SO good. I really love couscous, I think I would love it.

Juen said...

That food looks delicious, good enough to eat and oh the ambience of Morocco no doubt. Go on, live it up.