Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Carbon Tree and the Mexican Tree

A few of my Nativities. (My Grandparents first Nativity on the shelf by the pillar on the left. They were married in 1930.) We lived in Mexico in 1998 and came home that November. I brought these little decorations home with me and we have always had a "Mexican" tree since then. This is the first time there has been an angel on this tree. Cody did put a sombrero on her though.
Our beautiful Hallie Berry Angel

Yes, this is our Tree!!! Don't you just love it?

Well, we do!
See the story below.

Those of you who have known since before we lived in Idaho might remember the wonderful 18 months we spent living on our 40 acres in Carbon, Indiana. (someday we will have to put up some posts on those days.)

Our last Christmas there (1996) Skye, age 9, Hillary, 8, and Cody,6, went out to the woods with their dog, Two-Socks, and a hack saw to cut down a Christmas tree. We felt that with their size they wouldn't get too carried away trying to bring home a giant tree. What they brought home has been affectionately labeled forever more as "The Charlie Brown Tree." And yes, they chose that tree because they felt it was unloved by the flora and fauna of the forest. It stood about 7 1/2 feet tall and had a total of 13 branches. There were spaces running up the trunk of 1 -2 feet where there were simply no branches at all. Since we were living with no electricity at the time we had no light on the tree, but had great fun putting paper chains, popcorn and cranberry stings on it with our other ornaments and tinsel. In order to hide the huge gaps where the trunk could be seen between the branches, we fastened stuffed toy Santa's, elves and bears to the trunk so they all looked like they were climbing the tree. Somewhere in my picture collection I know I have a picutre of that tree but for now you will just have to take my word for it.

Since moving to Idaho, we have had many different trees for our Christmases. Some small, some over 20 feet tall, one live 23 ft. palm tree and several I have paid big bucks for to get that perfect 8 - 10 ft. tall conifer to decorate. (Always when Darryl was out of town because he refused to pay more than $25 for a tree.) This year we decided not to go to the mountains and cut a tree, and I didn't get out to buy one early on, so there was precious little out there to choose from. (Well, for under $25 anyway. Remember, Darryl is home. No $80 Tree this year).

Monday night he came home with our Christmas Tree, and how we love it! He found it at a country convenience store for $19. I had to laugh when he brought it in. Oh the memories of Carbon! Long spindly branches on one side. Super short or no branches on the other and gaps in the middle. We had great fun decorating it with big lights, lots of sentimental ornaments, a few stuffed Santa's climbing the trunk and we finished it off with our "Hallie Berry" angel and too much tinsel! Oh the joys of Christmas!!


Eddins Family said...

Hey looks like things are going well for you and the family! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! (I was wondering where the trampoline place was...that looks so fun...until you break your bottom that is.)

Darryl and Cindy said...

It is in Orem somewhere. The place is called "Jump on it".