Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Firth Invitational

Yesterday we put on our new Madison Wrestling shirts and headed off to Firth for Cody's firth tournament of the season. (pun intended) He beat his first opponant 10 - 1. (This kid stood about 6' 3" and had the longest legs. He kept Cody "on his toes" at times)

I was so into the second match that I forgot to take pictures. It was a tough bout and Cody made one mistake which cost him the match. But hey... that's what these early tournaments are for. Make all of your mistakes here so that by February you don't make them anymore.
The third match Cody got a tech fall in the 2nd period. (For you non-wrestling folks he was up by 15 points). His 4th match was a breeze. :-) He ended up 3rd in the tournament. Yay!!!
I think that is a great start to the season!
Skye (our official T-shirt model) was the videographer and play by play announcer. We get comments on the tape like .....(about a little red headed boy who stood in front of her) "Hey Opie... I'm filming here". (Or to the rather large lady who wasn't watching where she was standing taking pictures) ...... "O great, here is a ROTUNDA blocking the whole view of the ..... Ooops... sorry, .. didn't see you there Mom." All in all, it was a fun day!



Hillary and Jake said...

I love it! I'm so excited for rollie Lane

Elaina said...

Go Cody!! Love the shirts!