Saturday, December 27, 2008


We got a lot of snow last year, which is to be expected when you live in the intermountain west. But it was the first of February 2008 before we measured this much snow. This year we have even more of the powdery white stuff. Everyone over the age of 50 who grew up in this valley will tell you "This is what I remember Christmases being like when I was a kid."

This picture was taken only an hour or so after Darryl and Cody Shoveled there way back into the driveway with my little Kia. Cody's truck is rear wheel drive and will probably stay in the driveway for a while. We have celebrated White Christmases before, but we were always able to leave when we wanted. Not so this time...... We are snowed in! Well, actually we can probably get out, but we live on a rather large hill, and until the snow plow comes on Monday there is no way to get back up the hill, and it would be impossible to get into our driveway without 4 wheel drive today. So we are taking it easy, doing chores, watching movies, working puzzles, playing games and enjoying each others company while this peaceful time lasts.

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!

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Juen said...

It looks wonderful. I remember one year we were out of school for 3 weeks because there was so much snow. It was so high that when we did get out we were in the school bus and it was piled up next to the road higher than the school bus. You really did have a white christmas.
P.S. That is why we are now in Texas. We got that white stuff in Maryland also.