Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Cindy Sue!!

Yes, Christmas Eve is my Birthday and as usual it was a wonderful Day. We started out by leaving the house early in the morning to go Christmas Shopping. We returned home around 12:30. Darryl and I bought ourselves a wireless router for Christmas, and our wonderful son-in-law, Jake (Hillary's hubby) hooked it up for us, programmed all of the computers to it and the printer and now we have truly entered the 21st century! We can use our computers all over the house!! Yeah! In the evening the kids came over and we celebrated my birthday. WOW, I look old for 39! (again).

Earrings from Cody, and a birthday plaque/chart made by Cali. ( I love it!)

Gideon, enjoying the fun! Travis looks like he is ready to go to sleep!
We practiced the songs we were going to sing as we went Christmas Caroling.
It was Hillary, Jake and Cali's first time to sing this song.
This is the wondeful Birthday 'cake' I had this year. Skye and Hillary made me a white chocolate coated cream puff tree. It was delicious!!
My husband bought me a new watch for Christmas. I can honestly say this is the most beautiful watch I have ever had.
After the the birthday celebration, caroling and opening the secret Santa presents, Cody talked Darryl into playing Jake and Hillary's wii, also a first! All in all it was a wonderful Christmas Eve!


leschornmom said...

Sounds nice. I love your posts. Glad to hear Cody's up and about.

Oh yeah...Merry Christmas too.

Cali and Travis said...

I think the world is coming to an end! Daddy playing a video game! NO WAY!

Elaina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your birthday cake looks good!

JESUS said...

Hello Mr Darryl and Mrs Cindy,Merry Christmas,Happy birthday,Happy new year,what a beautiful family you have,at the beginning i almost couldnt figure out who was who,so many years.. Now me and Dianella,my wife have a 4 month and 2 days old baby boy named Matias,he's so active and smiley,i can not imagine ourselves taking care of 6 more kids,i would have to quit working,i admire you so much... Greetings,God Bless you