Tuesday, December 23, 2008

He's Back!

Cody started back at full wrestling practices on Monday the 15th. He experienced no pain, so we decided to let him wrestle a couple of bouts in the High Country Classic Duals last weekend. He is a Team Captain, but this is the first time he was able to "Dress" and was able to go out for the toss. He wrestled two matches. One on Friday night against Shelly High School. He is wrestling 140 lbs.

It was not a long match. He went right in and got the first take down. (2 points!)

Worked the kid over onto his back to try and get some near fall points.

And he pinned him in :45 seconds.
On Saturday he wrestled another match against Vallevue High School. Cody was feeling a little weak but he did a good job. He beat his opponant 11 -2 (Major Decision 4 team points). He was totally worn out after the 3 rounds, which isn't normal for Cody, but he did lose some conditioning after sitting out for a month. His Vallevue opponant was ranked 2nd in state for 5A Schools. Good Job Cody!!!
When we got home Cody was so tired he collapsed in the snow and didn't want to move. He is going to have to do some conditioning this week to be ready for the Firth Tournament on the 30th.


Jacob and Cami said...

I am so excited to see him wrestle someone besides his sisters!!! Maybe we could actually beat him now since he's wimpy.

Elaina said...

I'm glad he's back!!

Darryl and Cindy said...

Not a chance Cami!