Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fishing Trip No. 1, The Pelicans and The Semana Santa Crowd

This past week was a National Holiday in Mexico. Our crew didn't work on Thursday or Friday, So Kirby Sheldon, Darryl, Lalo and I decided to do some real ocean fishing. Our first trip was with Gary's and it was a fun trip for Darryl and I since we are not super serious "fisherpersons" as Darryl put it, but for true sport fishermen like Kirby and Lalo I think it was a little boring.
Oh well, the four of us had fun anyway. Above we are just getting ready to head out to sea.
We didn't get any bites on the trolling lines, so after an hour or so we dropped anchor and started bottom fishing in hopes of catching a prize winning grouper.... or whatever.
Below we can see that I am ready willing and able to catch some fish, if they would just bite!
Kirby was rather disgusted with his first catch of the day....... seaweed.

A few minutes later he did pull up this nice octopus from our fishing depth of 120'. About 10 minutes later Darryl reeled in another Octopus. The crew was thrilled when we let them keep the critters.

Darryl, Lalo and Kirby were all pretty successful at reeling in several Ocean perch...

Here he caught two at once!

This was his best catch of the day. If you look closely you will sea a Spotted Bay Bass.

Lalo reeled in two Scorpion fish, which are pretty nasty creatures as the spines in their fins are poisonous and will cause quite a bit of instant pain and some swelling you get gaffed by one. They say it's similar to a sting-ray sting. They are good eating though when you have an experienced hand doing the filleting.

Part of our catch. The deckhands filleted these guys and fixed us fish tacos while we sat in a quiet cove watching the wildlife.

Darryl with another perch.

When we stopped in the cove while the crew cooked our lunch they pelicans put on quite a show dive-bombing at the schools of fish below the water. The splashes are pelicans that just hit the water and if you look closely between them you can see the wings of a pelican just breaking the suface as he dives in head first.
One of the more curious pelicans.

When these creatures move and fly they look so pre-historic!
Back at the condos, the crowds were just starting to arrive at our beaches to Celebrate the Semana Santa, or Holy Week. Notice the Coors Beer tent? There were literally hundreds of beer tents lining the streets of San Carlos.
In San Carlos the Holiday is not so much a religious observance as it is a big college & family spring break party!

Thousands of people came to camp, play, party, buy and sell on our beach for 4 days!

It was a lot of fun, until I could hear them screaming with laughter and running by our apartment window at 4:30 in the morning.

Oh well, that is the joy of being young.... right?


Jessica said...

You are so adventerous! I wish you had take a pic of the fish tacos, I'm starving!

Kelly and Jesse said...

where was the beer tent when I was down there?

Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

LOL Jess! I love the pelicans. But then again, I am a creepy bird person.