Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Humanitarian House #2 - Empalme

Meet Angel. He is one of a family of 8 (Mom, Dad, Grandpa and 5 boys) who live in this house in Empalme. The room you see behind him is the 10' x 10' bedroom and bathroom of the existing house. This is the kitchen/laundry room and living room/bedroom.
The SUU Humanitarian project constructed this dome on the back of the property as an addition to their existing room. They applied the concrete on this dome by hand. SUU did not have time to finish the outside so Dome Technology put a smooth top coat over the whole dome.
This dome will be an 'addition' for the family. It will have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and a loft. Angel and his little brother Jacob are very excited for their new home and came out to help us work on the floor inside the house.
This is the finished exterior of the little dome house in Empalme. Boyd Fife, the director of the program from SUU will be coming down in a couple of weeks and we will be framing out the inside. Once the walls and plumbing are in place the family will be finishing out the house.
Hey.... I think I've seen that paint job before, or something similar. :-)

On Saturday when we were painting and cleaning up the inside of the dome the outside temperature was close to 90. The inside of the dome was very cool. The Family really likes that!

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