Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fishing Trip No. 2 and Easter Sunday

On Saturday we decided to try fishing one more time.
This was our boat, The D & D. We left the dock at 7:00 a.m. in hopes of finding bigger fish than we caught on Thursday.
Jim was our expert guide...
Renee' was our captain and Pablo was the deckhand.

Yep.... I am ready to catch some fish.

Kirby's first catch of the day..... a small barracuda. These would be the most poplular fish for him to catch. He hauled in about 12 in varying sizes. He kept one.
Darryl's hooked a good one!

A good sized Yellowtail tuna gets put in the cooler.

Don't laugh..... it was hard work, and it was a keeper. About a 9 pound yellowtail.

Kirby reeling in another barracuda. He finally caught a pretty big Yellowtail around 9:30.
Darryl with his 2 Yellowtail. He also caught and released several Barracuda.

The look was for....The line jerked and everyone was running for the rod and I was thinking .. "Take the picture already! This thing is getting heavy!"

My Two Yellowtail. ... And no, I didn't catch any barracuda!

Kirby holding our Catch of the day! (minus the barracuda).

Captain Renee' fillets our catch while Jim pilots us home. We shared it with the crew and when we got home we cooked some up for dinner. It was sooooo delicious!!

If you enlarge this picture you will see a seal basking in the sun with his flippers in the air to catch the warmth. This is how they warm themselves up when in the ocean.
Easter Sunday came and while Darryl took Kirby to the airport I got ready for church. We had Easter Baskets for the 2 Missionary Companionships...

And an Easter Basket for Darryl.

When the Elders got here they were sooo Excited!! Well, Elder Ramirez looked a little confused, but the gringo Elders were thrilled!

We told them they had to hunt Easter Eggs because we needed them for dinner, then we made them help prepare the Goldenrod while I fixed the bacon.

Elder Ramirez peeling the eggs.

Darryl finishing the white sauce, Elder Wertner and Elder Clark Chopping and grating. Elder Bonney made the toast.

Happy Easter!


Jessica said...

You are so wonderful! And I love how great you are to the missionaries, I'm sure their families appreciate it too!

I remember cooking dinner (at your house) for a couple of elders (who shall remain nameless!) Good times!

Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

Yay for Easter egg hunts and goldenrod! And fishing of course.