Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sunday and Wednesday

Sunday Darryl and I invited little Sonja and her family to dinner. Her father and little brother Ernesto Didn't come, but her mom, Rosalia and little sister Ana came....
Along with her Grandmother, Maria Louisa and her Aunties, Mayda (20), Claudia Louisa (19) and Alma (16).

Wednesday Claudia was married in the Hermosillo Temple to Abinidi Sanchez. (Hillary and Jake, you remember Elder Sanchez don't you?)
Elder Abinidi Sanchez Garcia finished his mission just before Christmas and went home to Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.
They started writing and talking on the phone and the rest... as they say, is history.
A few weeks ago he wrote and asked her to marry him. He and his mother flew to Hermosillo on Tuesday and came to Guaymas. They had their first date (I am told) Tuesday night.
On Wednesday morning they were married in the Temple.

They are so cute!
Hermana Sanchez, Abinidi, Claudia and Hermana Hernandez

Brother Soto was Abinidi's escort through the temple and I understand sister Soto coordinated the whole wedding festivities.

Ahhhhhh....... I love weddings.

I drove up to the temple alone, but offered to take one of the mother's back with me so they would have more room in their car. Instead, they sent the newlyweds with me on the 2 hour drive to Guaymas.
I think I will rename this red dodge truck 'Beseme Rojo'! I was afraid that there might be some awkwardness and shyness on the part of one or both of the happy couple due to the fact that they had never been together as a "couple". It's just that I forgot one very important fact where these two are concerned......
They are LATIN!!!!!!! Whew!
Let's just say the terms "Sucking Face" and 'Hot Latin Lover' have taken on a whole new meaning for me after that 1 hr. 22 minute drive! Yes, I know. It's usually a 2 hour drive unless you are Darryl, then it is about 1 1/2 hours. I was just speeding trying to get them home before I really got embarrassed.
On to the reception!
Their Lovely Head Table.
The Wedding party enters to the applause of family and friends.
The Bride Escorted by her Father.

They take a turn around the room.
And stop for introductions by the bishop. From the left, Claudia's Brother and her mother, Sister Sanchez and the groom, Brother Hernandez and the Bride.

The Bishop explained to all in attendance what a temple marriage is and why they chose to be married in the temple. He congratulated the happy couple, and then Brother Hernandez handed Claudia over to Abinidi for their first Dance as Husband and wife.

Awwwww..... They are so happy! How sweet!

The Elders and some of the kids hanging out in the hall.
And yes.... I got to dance with the groom!

The dinner provided by the Relief Society sisters was delicious! (of course!) The Dancing was fun, but at 10:00 Darryl and I left. We didn't stay to see them cut the cake, we were fading fast and not looking forward to our 4:15 AM wake up call.
~All in all it was a glorious day!~


Jacob and Cami said...

Mom you look really good! And waht a happy couple. I guess they were making up for lost time on the truck ride:)

Hillary and Jake said...

TARTER SAUCE! Tarter sauce got married? That was fast. but they do look super happy. I'm sorry you had to spend all that time in the car with them. I remember what Jake and I were like in the car to St. Louis. I feel bad for you.

Cali and Travis said...

They seem happy enough. Looks like fun!

Jessica said...

Cindy, you are just amazing. You have such an adventurous life. You share so much of yourself on this blog, you have such a strong testimony. I love you!

Guffey Family said...

I'm sorry, but none of your daughters are calling their mother out on her complaining about couples swapping spit in the back seat of a car? Seriously? I thought that a right of passage for Cunningham girls was to have to drive their father and mother home from Salt Lake City while the old people sat in the back seat swaping Blistex and Lip Stick! Come on girls, get on the ball. ~J

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