Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pearl Harbor

On Thursday we went to Pearl Harbor. This is my third time to visit the WWII Valor in the Pacific National Park and USS Arizona Memorial. I am stirred by a overwhelming sorrow and and thankfulness for all who served our country so valiantly during WWII. The other two times I have spent nearly all of my time in the museums but this time, before we did the USS Arizona Memorial Tour we decided to look at a few other things.


Ryan and I checking out the periscopes that were located by the Conning Tower that had been removed from a Submarine.

100_7262100_7264 Skye shows her skills at working the Hatch and the wheel and setting the bowplane dials.

100_7266 100_7267 

100_7270 100_7271

Taking my turn at the helm.


A picture of the entire conning tower. It always looks so much bigger in the movies. Go Figure!


Ryan standing beside a Japanese one man suicide torpedo.


In front of the Submarine USS Bowfin.


After we finished our tour of the grounds we went on the Tour to the USS Arizona Memorial. It was raining, so I don’t have pictures from the memorial, but some things are better kept in our hearts.

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Guffey Family said...

I've learned about The Attack of Pearl Harbor in history. Very sad story. Those torpedoes were HUGE!!!!