Saturday, March 5, 2011


On Tuesday we packed our bags and headed to the leeward side of the island and the resort community of Ko Olina to house sit for friends for a few days. BTW/ the domes built by Dome Technology in 2000-2001 are almost visible from their house.

Ryan and I rode the motorcycle while Skye (who was still sick with her cold) stayed home and rested until Ryan picked up the car and went back to get her and our luggage. It was a fun ride but my bum was sure sore by the time the 1 hour 15 minute ride was over.

Tuesday it was drizzly and cloudy most of the day. We drove up the coast in the evening to see what was up there. The sunset was beautiful but I forgot my camera. We made up for the mistake by spending time that night at the pool and hot tub. Se la vie.
Wednesday was Swap Meet and DIAMOND HEAD day.
I have no pictures from the swap meet. I mean, it hasn't changed at all in 3 1/2 years. My sprained ankle was killing me so we decided to eat lunch and rest my ankle before taking on the climb. We ate lunch at "The Counter". A build your own burger place in Kahala Mall that served up one of the best burgers I have ever had, and the sweet potato fries were fabulous. Hillary, Daniel Dae Kim is part owner of the restaurant, but we went because of the great food reviews.
Then off on our next adventure.
Yes folks, even with a sprained ankle I decided I had to climb Diamond head. It was worth it!

Skye leading the way up the main trail after getting off of the sidewalk.
This was not a smooth path.

Skye and Ryan on the path going up.
Coming out of the tunnels and winding stairs.

The views from the top.

Somehow I missed putting the pictures of the stairs on this post. There were two sets of steep stairs. The first has 78 steps and second 99 and probaly 30 on the spiral stairs at the top. I will post them later. I just kept telling myself that if my 81 year old mother-in-law could climb the 200+ steps of the Daytona light house with her bad heart, then I could climb this. BTW, Peggy climbed Diamond Head when she was in her 60's.


Cali and Travis said...

Can't...breathe! Gasping...for..air! Mom the biker chick!!!!!! Too hilarious!!!!!

Guffey Family said...

Grandma Peggy climbed 200 steps!?