Sunday, December 20, 2015

Beautiful Valparaiso

The Last Saturday in November we took Kiby and Lalo and drove to the port city of Vlaparaiso.

The terrain here is coastal mountains, so the mountains meet the seashore with not much flatland in between. 

It makes for some very interesting construction and neighborhoods!

and you can see the Pacific Ocean from pretty much anywhere in the city.

The houses are very colorful but don't always look very safe.

And you find street art everywhere in this lovely old town.
The town just keeps growing up, up, up the mountains. 

And the narrow streets just keep winding up and down.

Some of the architecture looks very European. 

So does some of the artwork.

But that should come as no surprise since the Spanish explorers founded the colony in 1536. 

The back yard of a few homes.

This cemetery was on the top of a knoll right in the middle of some houses.

Darryl is exploring the back streets. . . 

with Kirby and Lalo.

This building was a beautiful boutique hotel. 

Just more colorful vistas of this amazing town.

This slide and elevated walkway is in the middle of the "Arts and Bohemian/ Tourist" area.

60 yrs. young...

And he's just a big kid! 

Some more interesting buildings, street art and architecture. 

This little house looked to me like it should be in the Swiss Alps than on the Coast of Chile.

Several great restaurants and shops in the area too. We had a delicious breakfast just up the street.

Going for some breakfast.

Another Inn and a Bed and Breakfast.

I thought this building was a church, but it is actually an Art Museum.

I just love this building.

And this one.

Valparaiso is very famous for it's ascensors or funiculars. They are railway systems on mountainsides  that take pedestrians up to their homes.

It costs about 50 cents to go up one, so I guess I am going to have to work it into my next trip to Valparaiso.

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