Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our Halloween in Santiago - Seeing the City

On Halloween Darryl took me around To a small part of this beautiful city. It's so easy to get around using the bus and metro systems! It was a beautiful day and we left early in the morning. 

Being "Country Folk" we are used to getting up early but we learned that here in the big city nothing opens in the arts and Bohemian district until after 10:00 a.m., so we enjoyed walking around and looking at the architecture.

At 10:00 we were at the Funicular waiting in line to buy tickets to take the cable car up the mountain.

This 'elevator system on a a track' where there are two cable cars, as once descends on a cable it pulls the other one up the hill.

We made it to the top of San Cristobal Hill .....

and took in the fabulous view of Bellavista and and Santa Lucia Hill and Santiago Central.

San Cristobal Hill is where the beautiful park and Statue of the Virgin Mary is located.

There is also a path with many decorated crosses.

We went back down on the Finicular and on to the Santiago Zoo.

Being Halloween Day many people brought carved pumpkins to feed to the elephants.

They had a huge aviary that I could have spent hours and hours in watching the beautiful birds.

I loved the scarlet ibis.

There were huge trees enclosed in the aviary.

The red Pandas were fun to watch..

Oh... and we found out that Cami C. had been here before us. Care to explain this Cami?

After the Zoo we walked over to the home of Chile's Nobel Prize winning poet, Pablo Neruda. 

It was very interesting and unique in design, structure and furnishings, but cameras were forbidden so I didn't have much to show you from there.

I don't understand people like Pablo Neruda. He was born in southern Chile and became well known as a poet by the time he was in his teens. In 1921 he moved to Santiago after high school and soon thereafter became a critically acclaimed poet. He traveled the world, owned 4 houses and was an ardent supporter and proponent of the communist government in Chile holding many important diplomatic positions. He decries the plight of the poor while living the high life.

We wandered over to "The Patio" and then took the metro 

and walked to Juan y Media's for lunch.

I had the salad, Darryl had the beefsteak al la pobre.

After lunch we caught the train to Santa Lucia to see the castle and the beautiful surroundings. 

The old gate.

Looks like Jacob was here at the Santa Lucia hill lookout. 

It was a wonderful day and we did have so much fun looking at new and beautiful places. 

This is a very lovely city and I am loving it here.

More to come from sunny Santiago. Stay tuned!

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