Monday, December 21, 2015

Sunny Sunday Afternoon in Santiago and Dancing

My first Sunday afternoon in Santiago Darryl took me into Santiago Centro to show me around. So much going on in this wonderful city. 

We walked through the main plaza and happened onto a Dance Recital.

I loved the costumes.

It seemed like quite the family affair.

The young class did quite well.

I gotta get Darryl one of these Goucho outfits!

I saw these girls out back and had to get a photo.

A good example of the architectural contrasts of this city.. A very old cathedral in the foreground and a modern office building in the background.

One of the many museums in the city.

We saw several very talented street performers.

And the older group dancing.

We were unable to go inside the cathedral so I am looking forward to going back. I hear it is beautiful.

In other fun, I went to my first Relief Society Homemaking Meeting and it was wonderful. The Theme was Provident living, and they also had a cultural display on the country of Peru. 

Yes, I am in a Peruvian Dance Costume.

I learned a Peruvian Folk dance and performed with these lovely ladies from Relief Society.

We have really been enjoying life here in Santiago. It is such a beautiful place.

I love watching the sunsets from our apartment. How blessed we are. 

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