Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sunny Santiago - Another Installment of Life on the Road with Darryl and Cindy

I am blessed! I want you to know that I know it.I am blessed with a wonderful husband who works very hard at what he does and is so good at it that Dome Technology pays him to travel the world to work for them. And, they let me accompany him.
Our current job has us working in Santiago, Chile. A beautiful, vibrant city with 5.2 million people in the city proper and 7.2 if you count the entire metropolitan area.
Darryl and I live at the northern edge of the city, right up next to the mountain.

Those are the condos where we live in Ciudad Empressarial in the section of Santiago known as Huechuraba.

We are on the 13th floor of a 14 story condominium.

It's quite lovely up here. Lots of room for just the two of us and my office.

I love my little kitchen and....

the large glass sliding doors from each of the 3 rooms to the balcony.

We also have a guest room if you would like to come and visit us.

Spring was in full swing when I arrived on October 29th. and my first Sunday here we had lunch on the balcony. Since we live with the sliding doors wide open 24/7 now, we realize the plastic netting around the balcony is to keep the birds out of the house.

On the hillside behind our apartments are several walking trails with activity areas for playing and picnicking.

And the whole area is surrounded by the most beautiful flowers and gardens.

Kirby Sheldon was staying with us over Thanksgiving and we invited the Missionaries and Lalo over to share in our traditional Thanksgiving Feast.

Each night I look out over the city and enjoy the gift a beautiful sunset. 

I wonder sometimes what I ever did in my life to deserve this, the blessing of being able to travel with Darryl and see the world a little bit at a time? I realize what a great privilege and blessing it is, and I daily thank God for it.

I will put up another post later today about how we spent Halloween in this fair city.

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