Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Darryl! - Congratulations Cody and Kristina!

August is here and today is Darryl's 59th Birthday! It seems like it was just yesterday that we had been newly married for all of two weeks and my new husband was turning 22. Wow how the time flies. Jesse and Tyree; Cali, Gideon and Parker; Cody, Kristina and I all helped Darryl celebrate his birthday. 

After a delicious dinner of Chicken Enchiladas, refried beans, Spanish Rice, salads, chips and salsa we had our little birthday party.

Darryl requested a cola cake. The first one crumbled into pieces but was yummy non the less. The second one held up and was good but not as tasty as the first one. 

Tyree went to church with us and spent the whole day with Grandma and "Poppy", her name for grandpa.

 Cali saved all of her sugar calories for a splurge on Grandpa's birthday dinner and cake.

Hey Parker! I love your shoes. Does Kristina know you are wearing her Tennies?

 Cody and Kristina were having fun and really enjoyed the dinner conversation.(Wink, wink; Nod, nod.)

 Darryl made quite the haul in the gift dept. Three pair of new work jeans, cologne, a basket of sweet treats, garden tools, animals for the "Sagebrush Ranch" and a new Stevens pump action 12 guage.
 It was a wonderful birthday celebration for Darryl!
Dear family and friends - meet Cody's future wife, Kristina Tieken!

She is a wonderful young woman and our whole family has fallen in love with her! Kristina is on the BYU- Ballroom Latin Dance Team.

 So yesterday when they were getting ready attend a wedding reception I talked them into letting me take a few pictures.

Yep, they're twitterpated.
Ah..... amore'!

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