Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's on the Way - Autumn, Motorcycles and Quilts.

On Sunday I mentioned to Darryl that there was the smell of Fall in the air. "You can SMELL Autumn?" he asked. Yes, and on Tuesday evening while visiting with a lady at church she said to me. "It's been a beautiful summer, but I can smell the change of the seasons". I guess we were right. Thursday morning I looked out the window and saw this.....

the leaves are falling in my yard and that means autumn is on the way.
In other family news.....Back in the Spring Cody bought an old Honda motorcycle that was beat up pretty bad, wouldn't start and had no working electrical parts. He spent the Spring and part of the Summer learning how to re-wire the electrical and helped do the bodywork on the tank and fenders and re-upholstered the seat.

He finished all his hard work and on Thursday took it for a ride. He will soon list it to sell on Craigslist and use the money for school.

And Finally.... I am officially caught up on quilts for my grandchildren.

This is Tyree's quilt.  I try to give each of my grandchildren a crib quilt for their first birthday. Sometimes they get them on time, sometimes they don't. Gage got his shortly after his first birthday, but I was too busy to finishTyree and Reagan's.

I finished Reagan's quilt in May and today I finished Tyree's quilt. It has the same fabrics as Reagan's Quilt but the borders are different. You can see Reagan's quilt by clicking here and scrolling down to the end of the post.

So for the first time in two years I am current on the baby quilts.....
But only until Sept. 21st. That is Micah's first birthday and I can guarantee that his quilt won't be finished by then, probably not even started..

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