Thursday, August 22, 2013

Only 6 yrs. Late - Another Wedding Quilt

Jesse and Kelly were married on July 21, 2007. Now, exactly 6 yrs. and 1 month later I have finally finished their wedding quilt. (Yes, I finished it yesterday). 

Currently this is the most intricate quilt I have ever tried to do. 

The pattern is called STARS FROM HEAVEN.

Jesse picked out the pattern before they were married and I made her help me choose the fabrics, about 15 different prints and styles. 
There was a total of 69 pieces in each block that needed to be assembled.

I put stipling between the blocks, stars at the little junction squares and an apple boarder around the whole quilt.

I started this quilt in 2007. After cutting out all the pieces Darryl helped me group them into coordinating / contrasting colors for the different blocks. Each group of block pieces were put into Plastic Ziploc bags where they sat for a couple of years while I traveled with work. While in Mexico in 2010 I finished piecing Jesse and Skye's quilts. I started to hand quilt Jesse's quilt but after bending 4 or 5 needles in 2 blocks decided it would need to be machine quilted. So the quilts sat for 3 more years.
This spring I bought a long arm Handi-Quilter and I love it. I finished Skye's quilt in around 8 hours and I was able to quilt this quilt in around 16 hours with a lot more complex stitching than it would have had if I quilted it by hand. I love it! 
Now that Skye and Jesse's wedding quilts are done I will endeavor to finish Hillary's (only 5 yrs. late) and try to get Cody's quilted before his wedding. Both of their tops have been done for years just sitting and waiting to be quilted.


Elaina said...

Wow. Amazing job! I bet she will love it!

Danielle Andrew said...

Absolutely gorgeous! That's quite amazing Cindy!

Hillary and Jake said...

It's gorgeous momma

Kelly and Jesse said...

It is so amazing! I smile every time I walk in my bedroom door. It turned out better than I ever pictured. Thank you Thank you!