Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hiking the Limhi Summit at Meadow Lake

On Saturday Darryl and I went with Cali and the kids and Ed and Arlene Williams up to Meadow Lake for the day and for a hike. I didn't hike, but Darryl, Cali, Ed and our friends Boyd & Ena Taylor and Merlyn and Donnett Ringle hiked up to the Limhi Divide at 10,200+ ft. 

It was beautiful up at the lake but a little cool, the temperature was in the 60's, so it definitely had the feeling of Fall. 

Gideon and Parker had great fun throwing rocks and sticks into the water. Luckily it was cool enough they weren't tempted to go into the water.

Even Cali got in on the Rock Throwing. 

Darryl, Boyd and Ena.

Boyd is all ready for the hike.

Parker and I started on the hike but she was too tired and my foot was hurting so we went back to the lake, but the others hiked on up the mountain. 

Grandpa and his hiking buddy...

The whole group at the summit.

All in all it was a pleasant day.

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ryan lowry said...

Fun! Reagan would love it. I've never seen a kid that loves to hike as much as that girl. Not even two years old yet and she does two and three mile walks.