Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A little Key West Nature Before We Go.

I love to watch wildlife, and there was plenty to watch here in florida. . The birds, fish, the ocean, reptiles, etc., you name it and I love to observe it in it's natural habitat doing it's own thing.
On New Years Day Darryl took this photo of the sunrise...

And a little bit later we were both mesmerized as we watched the pelicans right next to our campsite.

Enlarge the photo below and look at the wingspan of this guy as he comes in for a water landing.

They look so peaceful from a distance as they sit on the water.

Darryl took these photos and you need to enlarge them and look at the details on their faces. 

They actually look pretty fierce. 

This is the wildlife I spent the most time with. Little miss Rachel.

I walked out on the dock one day and saw tiny little jelly fish floating right next to the dock. As we were walking back to our campsite we found this guy sunning himself in a tree.

Isn't he magnificent?

  It all went by so fast! 12 nights we spent in our little tent at Boyd's Campground and RV Park, and 12 days playing around and eating wonderful food in Key West.

See y'all back in Chile.


ryan lowry said...

I LOVE the pelican pictures! The iguana is truly magnificent. You should seriously consider travel writing. Coupled with your amazing photographs, you would make an impressive correspondent.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

You flatter me my dear. I would have to write the rough draft and then have my eloquent daughters type up the final draft.