Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Today, January 13, is our beautiful daughter's birthday. 
Shiloh Rea Cunningham Guffey
(say that fast five times why don't ya. ;-) 
turns 37 today.
Shiloh is what I would call a POWER or a FORCE for GOOD.
She can do anything, and if she can't... well, she'll do it anyway and do it her way. 
She is the wife of Jason Guffey*, the mother of nine (yes, I said 9) beautiful children, a landscape designer, seamstress, chef, cake decorator, chauffeur, tri-athlete, marathon runner, cyclist, singer, coach, trainer, teacher, counselor, peacemaker and oh so much more. 
I love you my Shibobbin - what would we ever do without you.

Shiloh celebrating her 18th birthday with her "other mom" Angie Egloff, who shares the same birthdate.

Shiloh is our second of seven children and was the first to get married. Why does she look like such a baby here? I thought she was so grown up.

Shiloh and Jason with 8 of their children getting ready to participate in a charity race as a family.


* Shiloh and her husband of 17 years, Jason. Some say just being married to Jason is enough to earn her the title of  "Best and most benevolent wife on the planet!" (You know I love you Jason!)

Happy Birthday Miss Annabelle! 
Speaking of celebrating birthdays, I am a little late on a couple of them. This is my sweet Miss Annabelle, our 18th grandchild who turned 1 yr. old on January 2nd.  She started walking at 10 months and is the tiniest little thing.

And you've gotta love those big blue eyes. They are saying... "Daddy, is this really necessary?"

We celebrated another birthday on the 4th of January too. My gorgeous granddaughter, Emily Mae who turned 15!

Emily is our first grandchild and what a beautiful talented young lady she is growing up to be. She is setting the bar pretty high for all of the other grandchildren.

May God bless each of you with a wonderful year.


Van-Go said...

A beautiful daughter, granddaughter birthday tribute. Another year blink. Time is passing before our eyes

Hillary and Jake said...

yes. happy birthday everyone

ryan lowry said...

Thank you for your beautiful birthday tributes!