Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ringing in the New Year in Key West

Darryl and I had one job to do while we were in Key West, and that was to babysit sweet little Rachel during the two shows they did each Day. On New Years Eve Darryl and I decided to do a little sight seeing between shows.

The first place we visited was the Ernest Hemingway home. I must say, I enjoyed all there was to see and read while on the tour that I forgot to get any photos. I grabbed this quick one on the balcony porch as we exited the house.

The house was beautiful and cool and I enjoyed the insights into and stories of Hemingway's life. He lived in this house with his second wife Pilar from 1931 to 1939. You can read more about the author and his house here.
After the Hemingway house we walked over to the Key West Light Station and Keepers House. I was impressed by how massive the Fresnel Lens is and the amount of beveled glass involved in making it. This is the lens from the original Light station.

And a smaller Fresnel Lens.

As Light houses go, the Key West station is not very tall, only 88 steps to the top, but it's still tall enough to view all of Key West and the surrounding keys.

I had to put this picture in because Cami just "loves" my hair.

Looking up to the top of the Light House,

And down the spiral staircase.

When we arrived back at Blue Heaven we got ready to party and bring in 2016!
Cody and Ammon had their hats and were ready to go..

Being a private affair the crowd was smaller than normal but they loved, loved, loved the girls and their music.

Here, Alisa is singing Cowboy, Take me Away!

Kelly is busy adjusting the sound and Darryl is ready to get this party started! 

So we did. We were the first ones to get up and dance! 

After the girls finished their show, the co-owner, Sue Ann, took us inside where they had tables set up to feed the entire RedHead Express entourage from their party menu.

Darryl and I have eaten at fine restaurants all over this world and I will say, the food at Blue Heaven is as fine as we have ever had. 
My meal started with a seared tuna and avocado spread Hors D'oeuvres,
 a carrot curry cream soup and a cup of quail soup 
Seared beef filet with scalloped potatoes and asparagas 
and one of their speciality desserts, Banana Heaven, a banana foster with the added bonus of homemade banana bread.  Darryl had the lobster tail and his flan was probably the best I have ever eaten at a restaurant.

I woke up New Years day to go for a run but was distracted by the beautiful sunrise 

As I watched this glorious morning set my first New Years Resolution. That I will slow down enough this year to notice the beauty of this earth and the beauty of the little things around me.

This sunrise was where my resolution started.

Darryl and I went out for a "Brunch". After last night's dinner, anything wold have been a let down, but especially fast food.

We spent a relaxing hour at the pool..

And then back to Blue Heaven for the New Year's Day set and to babysit sweet Rachel.

The next two nights Cody, Alisa and Rachel stayed at our camp, we had so much fun! 

May God bless each of you with a happy and prosperous 2016.


Van-Go said...

Cindy. How true-those magic moment and the memories. Thank you for sharing your adventures and memories. Have a joyful 2016. Looking forward to our paths crossing once again. Hugs

ryan lowry said...

So much fun!