Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Birthday and Christmas in Key West

Darryl and I left Santiago on Wednesday evening December 22nd and flew to Key West Florida to spend Christmas with Cody and Alisa, new baby Rachel and the Walker Family.
We arrived on the 23rd and immediately went to Sunshine Key RV park where the Walkers were staying to see our newest little granddaughter, Rachel McKayla Cunningham. I was so excited to see her and hold her that we forgot to take pictures. The Redhead Express gave a concert that night in their RV park and it was our first time to hear them live! They were wonderful!
Thursday December 24th was my 59th Birthday. I started celebrating early by going for a walk in the early morning and was feeling blessed to see a gorgeous sunrise at our campground on Stock Island..

After a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked on the camp stove / grill, Darryl and I cleaned up and headed to town to get Cody and his little family.

We went shopping at Ross and Darryl bought me a new bathing suit since my other one is 8 yrs. old and a little worn. We then to lunch at Salute' on the beach and spent the afternoon relaxing and basking in the sun.

Cody and Alisa kept apologizing as they didn't have a gift for me. The truth is, just being able to be in Florida and spend the day with them was all the birthday present I needed. 
Of course, they were lying to me all along. When we got back to the apartment Cody and Alisa had fresh flowers for me and a Birthday Key Lime Pie....

Baby Rachel is trying to tell me that there is more.

Yep, there was more. Cody had heard me talking the day before about how I wanted to get a pair of Birkenstocks while I was in town. He sent his secret birthday elves, Kendra and Kelly, to the outlet store to get me a pair. They fit perfectly and I love them!

  Cali sent my birthday present to the campground. I love my perfumes Cali! 

 Christmas Day we picked up Cody, Alisa and Rachel and brought them to our camp.

We had a lovely campsite at Boyd's Key West Campground and RV Park.

We even decorated our "Christmas Palm" tree. 

Merry Christmas to all!

Yes, we actually had surprises in our stockings. I also got my "Grandma" poster from Cali. This is what adorns my apartment walls when we are traveling. All 23 grandchildren are on there.

After out little Christmas we went to Ohio Key to visit the Walker Family and Darryl, Deb Stevenson and I then went into Key West to The Casablanca restaurant for a traditional Christmas Dinner where we talked about Christmases past and our many blessings. 

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