Sunday, January 10, 2016

Chasing Butterflies in Key West with Alisa!

On Saturday the 2nd of January we picked up Cody, Alisa and baby Rachel and went to the Key West Butterfly Nature Conservatory.

The gift shop is the ultimate in butterfly and garden accessories. Alisa had fun looking at all the butterfly scarves, shirts, ... well, everything!

So many to choose from....

I like this one!

How about this for room accessories?

Butterflies, flowers and hummingbirds were everywhere we looked.

Studying the "Butterflies of the world" Map.

They had a lot of information to take in before going out to the 'Conservatory'.

We will pretend that Rachel was as excited as the rest of us to see all the butterflies.

Words cannot express what it is like when you enter the conservatory. Butterflies fluttering around you everywhere!

What a cute little family!

A butterfly "kissed" baby Rachel's hand then lighted on a flower.

The big gray and brown butterfly has the most vibrant blue wings on the back side.

It was hard to keep your eyes in one spot as there were hundreds and hundreds of butterflies fluttering around your head all the time.

You weren't allowed to touch the butterflies but if they touched you I guess it was okay. I had them landing on my head and arms just minutes after entering the conservatory.
The blue blurs in these photos are the big blue Brazilian butterflies.

There were many different varieties of butterflies to look at and admire.

Yes Alisa, that butterfly did just dive bomb your head.

Loved the Flamingos, whose names were Rhett and Scarlett..

Looking at their natural defense system, camouflage. 

About now you are wondering, "Why are there so many photos of Alisa and not so many (or any) of Cody, Darryl and Cindy?

Alisa's mom asked me to take a lot of photos of her in the conservatory so they could put a very short clip together to her singing the song "Chasing Butterflies".

Then Darryl and I got so enthralled with the conservatory and talking about how neat it would be to have one of our own, that we forgot to take pictures of us.

There were hundreds of beautiful, colorful birds in the conservatory too along with some turtles.

If you go to Key West the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is a must see! Take my word for it. 

"They say, when love hits, there’s no way you won’t know it.
When the sparks fly on the first kiss, that’s the one thing I’ve been wanting -
To feel that nervously excited, uncontrollably delighted kind of feeling.
Something beautiful and crazy, unbelievably amazing to believe in.
I wanna feel my heart beating double time, looking all starry-eyed.
That’s the reason why I’m chasing butterflies!
I won’t stop until I find those butterflies!

If I have to I’ll spend my life chasing butterflies." 
- Kendra Walker Stevenson
Click here to watch Alisa sing "CHASING BUTTERFLIES".