Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Driving Home to Idaho

Friday July 8, 2016
Gideon, Parker and I left North Carolina where we had gone to visit Shiloh and Cami, and headed home to Idaho. We stopped the first night in St. Louis where we spent the night with Grandpa Darryl and he treated us to Krispy Creme for breakfast.

On Saturday we drove to Denver where we spent the night and headed west on I-70 the next morning after church. Coming down the mountain on the western slope my car started vibrating, it was almost bouncing off the road the vibration was so bad. As I slowed down to pull over I heard something metal hit the side of my van. When I got out to look this is what I found. 
 One lone lug nut holding my right front tire on. Surely angels were watching over us as we came down that winding mountain pass. I stole two lug nuts from the other tires to put on this one and made it to Glenwood Springs where we had to spend the night. Monday morning the wheel was fixed and we were on the road by 9:30 a.m. headed for Utah and home.
We made a very brief stop in Utah to drop off some items and I found J~ doing what all little boys love - Playing in the dirt.

We were soon back on the road to Idaho and before long, this is what I saw in my mirror. It had been a long and exciting 30 days and they were definitely worn out!

The following morning we were going to walk over to see their Nana and Papa Storer. This is what they wanted to wear.

I guess seeing Grandma Cindy in hats all summer must have influenced them a little. ☺
Being able to travel 5000+ miles with these two wonderful grandchildren was a wonderful summer vacation I will always treasure.

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