Friday, December 23, 2016

Old Friends, Time Capsules, Mines and More!

First things first, a new "Do" for me. I love it and it's much easier to take care of with all the layers. 

 I have a dear friend from High School who lives in St. Louis, Bill George. We were able to get together for lunch a couple of times and he took me on a tour of St. Louis University where he works. We talked and visited and the 25+ years it had been since we had seen each other seemed like nothing at all. 

I have some very vivid memories from when I was a little girl. One was from the Sesquicentennial celebration for the state of Indiana and the City of Brazil 100th Birthday. My mom made us pioneer dresses and there were Balls and parades and the City of Brazil Buried a time Capsule.  

I remember standing on the Brazil Courthouse lawn and my Grandma Eppert holding an envelope she was going to put in the time capsule and saying "This is for my grandchildren to read in 50 years". I never forgot that, and my almost 10 year old mind realized I would be 59 yrs. old and it would be 2016 when I would get to read the letter.

The city of Brazil had a grand celebration on October 1 to Celebrate it's 150th birthday, and I went over for the opening of the time capsule.

Michelle met me there and we also found Aunt Peggy and Uncle Ronald and some of our Loughmiller Cousins. 

 Michelle and I with Uncle Ronald..

I was surprised to see my cousin Bill Loughmiller,

Here is a picture of my sisters and I before the parade and time capsule ceremony 50 years ago. I am on the left, then Sandy and Patty, and Michelle is the tall one on the right. Grandma also included some newspaper clippings, tickets to one of the balls and a letter for her grandchildren.

Aunt Peggy reads the letter to us. Grandma started out the letter by telling us Charlotte (our Mom) insisted that she put something in the time capsule for us.

Yes, Michelle and I teared up and cried as we red the letter. It was a beautiful reminder of our wonderful grandmother and her testimony of the Savior and her Father in Heaven.
Here we are with Bill and our Cousin Dale Loughmiller. We also saw Judy (Loughmiller), John and Amy Berry. 

Back in St. Louis my sweet husband, who is the garage sale master and auction king, found this beautiful Mink and Persian Lambs wool coat at a garage sale. I love it and yes, it is very warm!

The Indian summer hung on for a long time and we really enjoyed our walks around the lake at the park in Arnold.

For the Halloween Trunk or Treat at church we used a wardrobe box to make a mini- soda machine and passed out the mini Sodas! It was a hit!

And we won first prize!

One beautiful Saturday in October we went to Bonne Terre to tour the Lead Mine. It has a large, clear, underground lake and is a scuba diving mecca in the U.S.

It was amazing how they had a whole city that operated underground with a barber shop, movie theater, store, etc. 

There are mineral flows all over this mine.

The mine operated until the 1960's, but now is a wonderful tourist attraction for the town.

at this point you are about 90' below the street. This mine runs under the whole town.

The underground Billion Gallon Lake Resort!

There was so much to learn in Bonne Terre, and I would love to go back and go Scuba diving there one day! 

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