Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Police and First Responder Appreciation Day!

August 3, 2016
A week after Ezra was born the city of Riverton, Utah held a festival for the public to say "Thank you" to the Police, Fire Fighters and First Responders in their area. Hillary and Jake couldn't pass up this opportunity to take J~ and G~ to meet the men and women who helped save Js~ life.

I won't lie, seeing the very medi-vac helicopter that Life-flighted J~ to Primary Children's Hospital that beautiful day in April when he nearly died, did get the butterflies fluttering in my stomach, 

but fortunately it didn't affect J~ or big brother G~ at all. 

 The crew of the Life-flight helicopter were thrilled to meet "Their little Miracle Boy", and they were all taking pictures of him inside and outside the helicopter to show their co-workers.

The big boys enjoyed riding on the animal train that was pulled by one of their policemen friends.

I stayed in Utah for about 2 weeks and was happy to be there when G~ attended his first day of Pre-School.

He is growing up so fast. What a joy he is!

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