Sunday, December 4, 2016

E.P.I.C. FAMILY REUNION- Part 4 - Makahiki Lip Sync

On Thursday June 30th, we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with a Makahiki Luau. Hawaiian Haystacks, Coconut Cream Cake, Strawberry Lemonade and exotic, non-alcoholic cocktails made for a delicious menu and the entertainment had us all singing, dancing and laughing until we cried. 

Since I posted most of the Luau food and party pics in the previous post, this post will feature the evenings entertainment.
The night started off with a skit by our seven fabulous children, depicting important milestones and  everyday life in the house of Darryl and Cindy.
I was enjoying myself so much, laughing until I could see straight, that I forgot to take photos. I have one of Jesse narrating at the beginning....

And the very last skit they performed was showing their own children what early morning scripture study looked like in the Cunningham home in 1997. 

Yep... This is pretty much what it looked like...

They even depicted the "Wet Willy" Fights they would get into during scripture study. 

It was heartwarming and hilarious to see their interpretation of our married years.

Everyone take a bow!

Next, Preston entertained us with a song about dinosaurs going extinct. 

There was a little technical issue....

But the stage crew quickly got everything right.

BCFs (Best Cousin Friends) Lily and Gideon seranading us...

Parker wanted to go next singing "NO" but was timid until her mom came to the rescue.

There was nothing shy about Lydia and her lip sync/dance performance.

Jonas and Emily cracked us up singing about "My Imaginary Friend".

Surfer Girl Adrianna emotes during her performance

I didn't have my camera on the correct setting, so many of these photos are blurry. 

Ransom and Gage were hoppin' through their number...

Little miss Belle wanted to join them. 

Then Reagan and Annabelle danced for us.

Maggie was liked was never still enough to get a good photo during her number.

Miss Tyree so shy, Mom and brother came to help her.

But her Tanya Tucker song of "What's Your Mama's Name Child" was great!

All the boys cousins did a number.

Followed by the girls.

Cami and Jacob's family let us see how the family act is done.

Cody and Alisa's lip sync was a cross between singing and "Dancing With the Stars!"

We were all expecting a beautiful song and hula from Skye.

We were not disappointed with her rendition of "Barbara Manatee" from Veggie Tales. 

Hillary was 8 1/2  pregnant but still manged to turn in a fabulous, seated, Hip Hop.

Jesse took us back to our "Country Roots" with her song.

Darryl and I entertained with the Jason Mraz & Colby Caillat duet "Lucky".

And the evening ended with the Grand Finale of Grandpa and the Grandkids singing Elvis' "Rock-a-Hula"!

It was an evening we will always treasure. 

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