Thursday, January 28, 2010


Heather told me she was jealous because I am here with Ransom and she isn't. I promised Grandpa Darryl some pictures of our new little boy and I know all of Ransom's Aunties are anxoiusly awaiting photos. Here they are as promised. Enjoy!


First off ... he doesn't like having his diaper changed... I think it's because his skinny little chicken legs get so cold.
The happy little family ... Lily wants to help.
Take me too daddy!

He is such a handsome boy.......

..and so tiny!

Giving him kisses for Grandpa.

Looking for Lily..... or maybe looking out for Lily :-)

Safe in the arms of love...



Cathy Shields said...

What cuties!!!! Grandbabies are the BEST!!!! Enjoy while you can they grow much to fast!!

Cali and Travis said...

Wow! You don't realize how tiny he is until you see him in the arms of an adult! I can't wait until all the clothes I sent get there! He'll have lots of fun new stuff to wear!

Jessica said...

They are both just so cute! Have lots of fun!

Mollie said...

The picture of Jacob and Ransom puts tears in my eyes! It is so much fun to see him as a Dad!

Allon said...

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