Friday, January 22, 2010

The Expatriates - Jerry and Steve

While in Alamos, Darryl and I decided to get off of the beaten path and walk down some of the side streets. As we walked by this gate there were two men in the street having a conversation. One said good-bye and walked away, and the other greeted us with a cheery "Good Morning" in English. We returned the greeting and I asked him if I could peek inside his gate. I could see luscious greenery and several paintings on easels. After a few minutes of visiting he invited us into his "Little piece of Mexican Heaven". Expatriate - definition #2: to withdraw oneself from residence in one's native country.
Jerry is an expatriate who live 6 months in Mexico and the rest of the year traveling in Asia and the United States. He bought this lot 4 years ago, and has built a little casa with 2 small rooms - a bathroom and a bedroom. They are not connected, but are separated by a leafy bower. Jerry apologized to us for his attire. He had been so busy with his earlier visitor who wanted to buy his paintings that he hadn't had time to get dressed for the day.
Jerry is an artist and his favorite medium is water colors. They are beautiful paintings and his most notable one is of the San Juan Capistrano Mission in California where they sold copies of his painting in their gift shop.
His lot is about 40 ft. x 80 ft. When you walk through the gate you see this little pool and the raised foudation where his rooms are located. He built his rooms on the existing foundation of an older structure. The doorway in the middle leads to the patio and back yard area. He also had decorations up from his New Years Party the day before.
The above picture is taken from the foundation looking towards the street.
His friend, Steve, had just arrived that morning. He was on his way to his own home in south-central Mexico. They have been friends for years. Steve informed us that this was the most beautiful and peaceful place in Mexico to have a cup of coffee in the morning.
Out back is a little arbor where Jerry hangs his hammock and relaxes. Which happens more and more frequently he says.
He has built walls and planted greenery all along the path. He even has a little waterway that runs down and waters a flower bed.

He says we can't imagine how cool this area stays in the heat, and how tranquille and peaceful it is. It was 83 degrees at 10:30 and it really was very cool in this garden area.

The little bedroom is on the room on the right and what passes for his kitchen is under the little lean-t0 directly behind the bedroom. His bathroom is on the left and the patio area is his living room.
It may look like an old pair of boots to you as you walk up the path, but it is really Jerry's sense of humor in art. As we walked past it up the path he said..."Here is all that remains of the man who cuckolded Pancho Villa." Old boots and jeans half buried in leaves.

We came down the path and headed back towards the street.
Darryl and I never know what we are going to find when we go off on one of our adventures. But if there is one thing we have learned it is to take time to get off the main thoroughfares. To Paraphrase the words of the poet.... "Take the Road less traveled". We did and we found a lovely piece of Mexican Heaven with two gracious gentlemen who made us feel at home.

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Allon said...

Really,it's heaven.The Mexican heaven seems to be worth visiting place.Jerry and Steve have done great work. Fine pictures.