Saturday, January 30, 2010

Look At Her Hair!!!

Yes, I used that title to get you to look at this post.
Our day started off with Lily helping with the dishes.. then she and her daddy started playing horsey!
We decided she needed more space to run and play, and anyway, this would be a good time to take 4 day old Ransom on his first trip to the park...
Daddy carries our little man in his secret hide-away pouch.
Yes, this is Cami and she really did give birth 4 days earlier. Sickening.... isn't it?
When we got out of the car Lily grabbed my fingers and took me down the path saying....
"turtle, turtle" I thought we were headed to the pond but she had bigger ideas.
This park is called Camp Everglades and it is a fun place!
The playground equipment is her favorite.
She thinks she is such a big girl.... oh wait, she is....
Lily's favorite things to do is go down the slides.
She likes the way her hair looks when she gets to the bottom....
Let's go again, and again, and again. She played on the slides non stop for 45 minutes!
And at the bottom of the slide we would admire her beautiful hair. Gotta love that Static Electricity!
Even Ransom got in on the fun. He rode on the rocking alligator...

And mommy took him on the swings.
Everyone was tired when we got home, but Lily still had enough energy to
want to play with Ransom.
Good night baby brother.
Here's hoping y'all have a fun day too!

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Cali and Travis said...

No way she just had a baby four days earlier!!!!! NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!