Saturday, November 19, 2016


The week before the reunion many of us were busy preparing for the influx of 36 people in other ways besides helping to remodel the Kitchen and Dining Room. Getting the pool ready after years of being unused, arranging sleeping and meals and activities for 36 people, and trying to remain calm.

Cami had come up on Monday the 20th to help with the painting and she left for home on Wednesday taking Gideon and Parker with her. They stopped in Mocksville on their way home so Gideon and Parker could meet their Great-Grandma Peggy.

We can't thank Skye and Ryan, sweet Reagan and little 
'Belle' enough for sharing their lovely old home with us!

The first to arrive was Shiloh , Jason and their children on Friday. 

They camped at the local State Park just 2 miles from the house. Saturday Night Shiloh, Skye and I prepared goody bags for each family and made up an E.P.I.C. Family Reunion Guide to help the families throughout the week. 

We decided the E.P.I.C. would stand for several things.

Shiloh designed a Family tree logo with all our names and the Smokey Mountains in the background. 
The Reunion Agenda was titled Exceptionally Playful Inspiring Children which detailed activities, games, etc. that would happen throughout the week. 

The Menu was appropriately titled -
Eating Provides Incredible Comfort!
For Breakfast and lunches everyone was pretty much on their own, but the weeks worth of supper meals were divided  into families who picked a theme for the evening meal. We enjoyed a Mexican Fiesta, Birthday party with presents for everyone, Christmas Dinner with a gift exchange, a Hawaiian Luau and Makahiki celebration and an Iron Chef Competition.

Also included in the brochure  were the EPIC Pool Rules -"Elderly People In Charge" -and some Guidelines and helpful tips for everyone entitled Each Person Is Courteous!

Cody, Alisa and baby Rachel, our little chubby cheeks, arrived in the wee hours of Sunday morning. 

Cami and Jacob with Lily, Ransom, Gage and Marshall Doc arrived Monday afternoon, 

along with Jesse, Kelly, Tyree and Clancy. 

After 36 Hours and 2 flights being cancelled, Hillary, Jake, G-man and little J~ arrived just after midnight on Tuesday.

Cali was the last to arrive Wednesday morning and was so very happy to be reunited with her children after 2 1/2 weeks without them.

Of course, Darryl and I were overjoyed to finally have everyone in the same place at the same time and to be able to spoil these wonderful grandchildren as much as possible.

A lot more fun to come!

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