Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Selling the "Farm" ~

A few years ago Darryl and I purchased a little house on 6 Acres. When we returned from decided to fix it up and sell it. We replaced the carpet, tiled the bathrooms and painted the entire house. 

 These are all before photos. The kitchen was in pretty good shape. All we had to do was paint and replace the light fixture.
In the living room we removed the stove, rock wall and carpet and painted. It looked so nice when we finished. I just wish I could find the 'after' photos. 

Darryl added porches on the front and side doors and we painted the outside of the house. 

We put out a sign in mid April and by mid July had a buyer.
It was a fun little project and we really enjoyed working on it together. The only problem is....Now, we truly are homeless. ;-)

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