Saturday, November 12, 2016

Grandma's Road Trip with Gideon and Parker

Friday June 10, 2016 
6:30 a.m.
The Van is packed, Gideon and Parker kiss their mom good-bye and we are on our way, headed east to great adventures! Gideon and Parker took pictures of Mountains and motorcycles. One Biker even let Gideon sit on his Harley and I took Gideon's picture with his camera, I just don't have them. 
Gideon and Parker are great travelers. They played games, read and colored and watched movies, and at times I would ask them to describe what they could see out the windows. 
We drove through Wyoming and in Nebraska they climbed in the back and slept on the makeshift bed while I continued to drive. I stopped at a rest area and grabbed a couple hours of sleep, and 26 hours after we started we stopped in Independence, Missouri so the kids could meet their Uncle, 
John Eppert III.

John's wife, Nancy is a director in charge of the actors portraying the inhabitants of early Independence. They put on educational tours through the old courthouse built in the early 1800s. Parker and Gideon liked all the "Cool old stuff". 

We left Independence and headed to St. Louis to meet up with Grandpa Darryl. He took us to downtown and to the arch.

Much of the grounds around the this National Monument are closed as well as the Museum of Westward Expansion located inside. I was really sad about the museum. It has always been one of my favorites. But I guess after 50 years, many things needed updated and repaired. 

It did not, in any way, dampen our fun!

Trying to get a photo of all of us and the arch.

Parker has a try at it.

The lines were long, but the kids were patient. They were a little unsure about the capsule elevator that took us to the top.

We learned two things when we were at the top. #1 - Parker is fearless. She climbed right up and put her nose to the window and looked down at all there was to see. #2. Gideon is afraid of heights. He would barely peek out the window and first and when he finally did he looked out but not down. 

Trying to convince Parker that it's time to go. We had no problem getting Gid the kid to want to leave. Haha!

We ate delicious BBQ that night and stayed with Grandpa Darryl in his apartment. The next morning after church we packed up and headed to Terre Haute, Indiana to surprise Uncle Cody and Alisa at the Benefit Concert they were doing with Uncle Kevin McCrea and Graybeard the Band. 
The concert was held and the beautiful and historic Indiana Theater.

If you ever look on Darryl's phone, you will see hundreds of photos of architecture. He loves the beauty of buildings and structures.

Cody and Alisa were really surprised to see us, but I couldn't wait to get my hands on this chubby little girl! Hello miss Rachel!

I also met a couple of friends from High School. I hadn't seen these ladies in 20 years. Karen Bennett Raubuck and Debbie Fortune Haskett. What a fun time we had!

And on top of everything else, The Concert was wonderful!

After the concert Darryl left to return to St. Louis and I stayed in Indiana. 
More Hoosier adventures coming in the next post!

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