Sunday, November 13, 2016

Summer Road Trip - Getting to Know You!

I loved this road trip with Gideon and Parker. Being able to show them this great country and introducing them to family they had never met and new friends was really energizing and fun. It's something I wish I could do with each of my grandchildren. What a wonderful blessing that would be!
Sunday June 12th.
After the concert we kissed Grandpa, Uncle Cody, Aunt Alisa and sweet Rachel good-bye and went to Seelyville where we stayed with Patty and Chuck in their beautiful home for the next 5 nights. They loved to help Uncle Chuck feed the Koi in his koi pond and ride in the cart for chores.
Chuck, Gideon, Patty and Parker ~ Seelyville, Indiana

Although Patty and Michelle had been introduced to Gideon at Aunt Hillary's wedding in 2008 when he was a baby, this was he first time he or Parker had met their Great Aunts and Uncles and Cousins from their Mom's side of the family.
They spent a couple of evenings with Aunt Michelle, Uncle Kevin and cousin Kendra.
Tuesday evening June 14, 2016 Centerpoint Indiana

They saw their very first lightening bugs at aunt Michelle's house and she took them outside to catch them. She even gave Parker a jar to keep her lightening bug in. 
Joking around with the McCreas.
 Parker was sad that it died a couple of days later. 
Aunt Michelle says "Make a funny face"!
Monday June 13th~
We went to North Terre Haute to see Their Great-Great Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy. Nancy is my Dad's Sister.

And I took them on a tour around Seelyville and Brazil, showing them where I grew up and where their mom spent her high school years. 

We took them to their Mom's High school
Gideon said "Look, I can hold up the whole school!" Not sure what Parker was doing. 
On Tuesday June 14th we went up to Rosedale to visit my Uncle Ronald. We left just before the rain started and drove 4 miles to Carbon, Indiana where we used to own 40 acres. The sky let loose on the way to Carbon so we could only open the van door and look at the cabin where their mom lived while she was a Sr. in high School. I couldn't believe how green it looked. Just like heaven! 

I wish we could have walked around.. Oh well, maybe next time. 

We had gone to see Uncle Ronald Eppert in the morning and left just before the rain started. Since we couldn't do much else, we decided to get a bite to eat at a Brazil, Indiana Landmark, Eddies Diner.
Having lunch at Eddie's Diner
 Of course we needed dessert after lunch, and what better place than the vintage soda Fountain at Lynn's Pharmacy on National Ave.

Gideon loved looking at all the antiques in the soda shop. Parker just wanted the ice cream!
 When the rain stopped the streets were nearly empty, so I took a picture of the kids and Downtown.

Monday and Tuesday June 13-14
I want my grandchildren to know about their ancestors, especially my parents, so we went on a Family History Tour, or as Gideon called it, a "Cemetery Tour". When Parker asked where my mommy was I told her she had died. She then said "Lincoln died. Booth Shot him." Well, Okay then. I must say, that statement coming from a 5 yr. old surprised me. I guess I should always expect the unexpected with Miss Parker.
On the drive to the cemetery I would tell them whose grave we were going to see, and stories about their lives. Gideon and Parker always had lots of questions about each person. Although, Parker was a little concerned that my mom was not in the ground, but in the wall of a building.
Charlotte Ruth Lofstrom Eppert 1933-1987
 I took them to the Eppert Cemetery where our ancestor George Washington Eppert and many of his family are buried.
George Washington Eppert's Monument
 It was sad to see that some of the monuments had fallen over in the lovely old cemetery.

I also took them to the grave of my father, Dr. John Wayne Eppert Jr. and stepmom, Agnes Louise Rogers Eppert. My dad was a veterinarian and there is a little puppy on his stone. Gideon and Parker kept petting the puppy.
John Wayne Eppert Jr. 1933-1997
The following day we drove out to the Stunkard Cemetery to visit the graves of my Great-Grandparents, Gideon and Parker's Great-great-great Grandparents. 

Charles Arthur and Edna Rowena Brenton Loughmiller.

Parker had a lot of questions about baby Floyd Loughmiller who died at the age of 2yrs.
Charles Floyd Loughmiller 1911-1913
 When we drove up to see my Uncle Ronald we went up the road to see my cousin Christy's grave. She died too young from Multiple Sclerosis. Parker loved the tombstone, especially the kitten playing with the ball of yarn engraved on it. 
Anna Christine Eppert 1967-1999
Unfortunately we the rains came pouring down right after this so we didn't get a chance to visit my grandparents graves, but that gives them something new to see when they go back with their mom someday.
I also had a little time to catch up with some friends while I was in Terre Haute. While I went to lunch with girlfriends from High School, the John and Erica Leschorn family watched Gideon and Parker for me. These are some of the best kids you will ever meet!

Lunch with the girls,
Linda Needham Cottom, Cindy Burke- Blackwell, Dee Dee Bauer Hurruff and me!

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